Războiul din Ucraina. Update 4 August 2022


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Key Takeaways

  • Ukraine is likely seizing the strategic initiative and forcing Russia to reallocate forces and reprioritize efforts in response to Ukrainian counteroffensive operations.
  • Russian forces attempted to advance northwest of Izyum.
  • Ukrainian forces conducted a series of localized counterattacks between Izyum and Slovyansk and regained positions in a number of settlements.
  • Russian forces continued ground attacks northeast and south of Bakhmut.
  • Russian troops continued attempts to advance on Pisky and conducted a limited ground attack southwest of Donetsk City.
  • Russian forces continued to transfer equipment and personnel to northeastern Kherson and western Zaporizhia Oblasts.


Day summary:

The hottest points remain Avdiivka and Pisky, where the Russian army throws on Ukrainian defenders everything it has in the area. Meanwhile, Russian troops have advanced closer to Bakhmut and one of the key battles of Donbas is ahead.

Ukrainian forces liberated Dibrivne and advanced closer to Izium. Russian troops lost the initiative and are on the defense in the area north of Slovyansk.

Kharkiv & Chuhuiv direction

  • Ukrainian troops repelled a Russian attack in the area of Dementievka.
  • The enemy is attempting to breakthrough Ukrainian lines in the vicinity of Husarivka from the direction of Bayrak. The fighting continues.

Bakhmut Front

  • Ukrainian forces repelled a Russian attack towards Yakovlivka. The enemy led the attack from two directions – Volodymyrivka and Vasylivka.
  • Fierce fighting continues in the southern part of Soledar and south-east of Bakhmut, where the enemy concentrates the main force.
  • Russian troops captured Semyhirya, Ukrainian troops retreated to Kodema.
  • Russian forces attempted to advance closer to Kodema from three sides – Novoluhanske, Vemyhirya and Vidrodzhennya. Fighting continues.
  • Ongoing fighting is also reported in the vicinity of Zaitseve, Vershyna and Travneve. Ukrainian defenders have been able to repel Russian attacks towards these settlements so far.

Slovyansk direction

  • Ukrainian forces revealed a Russian recon element in the vicinity of Mazanivka. The group was eliminated.
  • Russian troops tried to advance towards Bohorodychne from the area of Dovhenka. The attack was repulsed.
  • Ukrainian defenders repelled an enemy attack towards Dolyna from the direction of Yaremivka
  • Soldiers of Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade regained full control over Dibrivne settlement and also cleared the close vicinity. The enemy retreated

Donetsk Oblast

  • Ukrainian defenders repelled a Russian attack towards Krasnohorivka, north of Avdiivka.
  • Russian forces attacked Avdiivka, but are unable to advance to reach the city proper.
  • A very complicated situation continues in Pisky. Russian forces attacked the settlement from three directions – Lozove, Vesele and Donetsk. Russians claim they control the whole settlement, but no footage was released to confirm this claim. The settlement remains contested on the maps.
  • The enemy also attacked Ukrainian positions at Marinka. The attack was repelled.

Kherson Front

Ukrainian troops repelled Russian attacks towards Bilohirka and Lozove settlements.

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