David Lee Anderson

David Lee Anderson is a science fiction and fantasy illustrator. Born in Norman, Oklahoma, he received a BA in Commercial Art from Central State University (now University of Central Oklahoma) in Edmond, Oklahoma, in December 1984. He’d already been working in commercial art for ten years prior to his graduation as a paste-up artist, designer and illustrator. He was a one-person art department for several printing companies and did freelance work for a number of clients including Johns Hopkins University Press in Baltimore.

He got into science fiction illustration indirectly. Interested in science fiction writing, he took a class from Hugo-winning writer C. J. Cherryh. She suggested he enter his work in science fiction convention art shows.

David Lee is a fan of SF hardware artists, but cites influences as diverse as Robert McCall, Syd Mead, N. C. Wyeth, Roger Dean and the Brandywine illustrators. As an artist who is both a reader and writer, he tends to see the writer’s viewpoint and tries to remain faithful to the writer’s intentions. He works in acrylics on gessoed masonite, using airbrush in background rendering and effects, and works with small brushes over luminous colors.

Active in science fiction fandom as well as the professional field, David Lee has done the art programming for the World Science Fiction Convention in 1984, the North American Science Fiction Convention and the World Fantasy Convention in 1985. He was vice president of the Association for Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists from 1986-88 and president of the organization from 1990-92. He taught illustration at Oklahoma City University from 1990-96. His art has been displayed at over 440 science fiction conventions since 1980. He’s been the Artist Guest of Honor at twenty conventions, Toastmaster three times and Fan Guest of Honor once.


Sword Dracone

Shining Orb


Negociations II

Caution on the Path

Blood’s First Kiss

Across the Valley


Dragon Lover


Church Duel

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