Războiul din Ucraina. Update 5 August

În continuare ISW nu și-a publicat raportul integral privitor la ziua anterioară, 5 August. Nici Military Land nu a publicat update pentru această zi. Am suplinit informațiile din alte susrse occidentale.


Key Takeaways

  • Ukrainian officials confirmed that Russian forces are using Iranian-provided drones in Ukraine.
  • Russian forces conducted unsuccessful ground assaults on settlements south of Bakhmut.
  • Russian and Ukrainian forces exchanged heavy artillery fire in Pisky, suggesting that Russian forces are unlikely to have full control of Pisky despite Russian claims.
  • Russian forces conducted several limited ground assaults to the north, northwest, and southwest of Donetsk City.
  • Russian and Ukrainian forces accused each other of firing rounds near the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Enerhodar, but ISW cannot independently determine which party is responsible for the incident.
  • Russian forces have repeatedly used artillery systems deliberately positioned within the complex to fire on targets across the Dnipro River.
  • Russian forces unsuccessfully attempted to advance on Lozove, Kherson Oblast, likely targeting the Ukrainian bridgehead over the Inhulets River.
  • Russian federal subjects are forming new volunteer battalions in Omsk and Samara Oblasts.
  • Russian occupation authorities are likely accelerating passportization and rubleization efforts and civilian data collection in occupied territories in preparation for the upcoming pseudo-referenda on the annexation of occupied Ukrainian territory into Russia.
  • The Kremlin is continuing to replace Ukrainian collaborators in Russian occupation administrations with Russian officials, likely to prepare for formal Russian governance of annexed areas.
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The Guardian

Ukraine has accused Russian forces of strikes near a nuclear reactor at the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia power plant in the country’s south-east. Energoatom, the state-run operator of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, said in a statement: “Three strikes were recorded on the site of the plant, near one of the power blocks where the nuclear reactor is located.” Russia’s defence ministry accused Ukrainian forces of shelling the plant, saying a leak of radiation had been avoided only by luck.

Amnesty International has said it stands by its accusation that Ukraine is endangering civilians by creating army bases in residential areas to counter Russian forces, after a report from the rights group prompted a furious response from Kyiv. Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the Ukrainian president, criticised Amnesty over the report published on Thursday, saying the rights group was drawing a false equivalence between Ukraine as the victim of aggression and the Russian invaders.


Ukraine’s nuclear agency says Russian rockets have damaged part of a giant Russian-controlled nuclear power plant, but there has been no radiation leak. Enerhoatom said a nitrogen-oxygen unit and a high-voltage power line had been damaged at the Zaporizhzhia plant – Europe’s largest – in southern Ukraine. Local Russian-appointed officials blamed Ukraine for shelling earlier. Ukraine also accuses Russian forces of firing rockets at civilian areas from the site, employing „terror tactics”.

„Every morning we wake up and see that they have hit only residential homes,” a local businessman told the BBC.

The BBC was unable to verify the reported damage at the nuclear plant. Enerhoatom says there were two rounds of Russian rocket fire on Friday, which prompted the site’s operators to disconnect a reactor from the power grid.

Enerhoatom said „there is a risk of hydrogen leakage and dispersal of radioactive particles”. „The fire danger is high. Currently there are no injuries,” it added.

Russia seized the Zaporizhzhia plant in March but kept its Ukrainian employees. Russia controls the plant and surrounding areas, close to Ukrainian-held territory. It consists of six pressurised water reactors and stores radioactive waste. Western officials have sounded the alarm about Russia’s tactics there.

The plant is in the city of Enerhodar, in the south-east of Ukraine along the left bank of the River Dnieper (Dnipro in Ukrainian).

The Russian-appointed officials in Enerhodar said Ukrainian forces shelled the plant twice on Friday „from the opposite bank of the Dnieper”. „The second time the nationalists managed to hit the target – shells landed in the plant’s industrial site,” their statement said.


The war in Ukraine is set to enter a new phase, British military intelligence chiefs have said this morning. Russian forces are „almost certainly” massing in the south in preparation for a counter-offensive from Ukraine, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) warned on Saturday.

Long convoys of military trucks, tanks and towed artillery are moving southwest away from the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, the MoD tweeted in an intelligence update.

Russia‘s war on Ukraine is about to enter a new phase, with the heaviest fighting shifting to a roughly 350km front line stretching southwest from near Zaporizhzhia to Kherson, paralleling the Dnieper River,” the tweet said.

Battalion tactical groups – made up of between 800 and 1,000 troops – have been deployed to annexed Crimea and are expected to support Russian troops in Kherson, according to the MoD update. Equipment is also believed to have been moved from mainland Russia and areas occupied by Moscow – including Melitopol, Berdiansk and Mariupol – via the Kerch Bridge into Crimea.

Kyiv is focusing targeting on bridges, ammunition depots and rail links with growing frequency in southern regions. Key to this strategy is the important railroad spur linking Kherson to Crimea, with a combination of „block, damage, deny, destroy and disrupt” effects due to be deployed in the hope of hindering Russia’s ability to logistically resupply.


Russia says it took Donetsk village of Pisky, according to state news media

Russian forces say they have been able to take over the Donetsk village of Pisky, as they continue to make a push in eastern Ukraine, state news agency TASS reported Friday. They also claimed fighting was taking place on the outskirts of Bakhmut. The Ukrainian military had acknowledged the Russian offensive in the area earlier but said it had prevented Moscow’s attempts at improving its position around Bakhmut. 

“In the direction of Bakhmut, the enemy shelled military and civilian infrastructure near Yakovlivka, Kodema, Pokrovske, Rozdolivka, Vershyna, Bakhmut and Soledar,” the Ukrainian military’s General Staff said in an update on Friday morning. “The enemy conducted offensive and assault actions with the aim of improving the tactical position, but was unsuccessful.”

Russian efforts blocked: The General Staff said on Thursday that an effort by Russian troops to break through near Bakhmut had been thwarted. The enemy „received a decisive rebuff from our soldiers and left.” But it had „partial success” in advancing east of Bakhmut and west of Donetsk airport.

New York Times

Oficialii din Nikolayv închid orașul pentru a putea vâna informatorii armatei ruse.

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