Câștigă Rusia războiul în Ucraina?

Mai jos preiau integral articolul Former NATO commander in Europe believes in Russia’s victory apărut ieri în Military Cognizance:

General Wesley Clark, former commander of NATO forces in Europe, believes that Russia has enough potential to inflict heavy damage on Ukraine, forcing Kiev to request an armistice.

Recently, General Wesley Clark, the former commander of NATO forces in Europe, commented in an interview on CNN television that Kiev’s request for a ceasefire or even an armistice would be a temporary victory for Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin in a special military operation.

According to the American general, it is not difficult to see that the Russian leader intends to force the Kiev government to ask for an armistice. If the Russian military can dislodge Ukrainian forces before reinforcements arrive from Kherson, forcing Zelensky to request a ceasefire or armistice, then Putin will win.

In the view of General Wesley Clark, Moscow has everything it needs to inflict “significant damage” on the Kiev government. So far, Russian defense industrial plants have been able to produce enough missiles to sustain this rate of attack for a few more weeks or so.

Two waves of Russian missile attacks since October 10, 2022, have destroyed energy entities, defense industries, military headquarters, communication points, and logistics routes. road, rail supply lines …, of the Ukrainian Army throughout the territory.

The daily blow for nearly two months has forced Kiev to admit that all nuclear power plants and most thermal and hydroelectric plants have stopped providing electricity, to the vast majority of residents living in the area. in the absence of electricity. The domestic capacity deficit exceeds 25%.

While the former commander of NATO in Europe bets on Russia’s victory, another former senior US officer also does not believe in the ability of the Ukrainian Army to win now and in the future.

he administration of President Joe Biden is making a grave mistake by refusing to tell people the truth about the conflict in Ukraine. That is the claim made by retired US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor in an article for The American Conservative.

Mr. McGregor commented Washington needs to look directly at the fact that Kiev did not win and will never be able to defeat Moscow. Months of heavy losses due to senseless attacks against the Russian defenders have greatly weakened the Ukrainian armed forces.

According to a US military expert, Washington officials have made a serious mistake when expanding their forces, praising Ukraine’s small victories and downplaying Russia’s strategic advantages.

According to McGregor, Russia has all the conditions to rapidly expand its military potential, including a favorable geographical position, inexhaustible natural resources, a high degree of social cohesion, and great industrial potential. military – something that not even the US can take lightly, let alone Ukraine.

While the West trumpets the “depletion state” of the Russian military, Moscow is constantly increasing its military strength, which is in stark contrast to the stereotyped image of a weak opponent in Washington’s plans for the confrontation with Russia.

In addition, in the opinion of expert McGregor, NATO members in Europe are increasingly disillusioned with the US proxy war with Kiev, because it is Europe that is suffering the consequences. millions of refugees from Ukraine, coupled with high energy prices.

This is the risk of making European public opinion turn away from the war between Washington and NATO. And now, residents of European countries openly question the veracity of statements in the Western press about Russia and American goals in Europe.

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