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RBM(FB): Ukraine summary of events since the 17th of July

The offensive is in its first week. We might see Kiev push on for another 7 to 10 days after which we expect their offensive to start running out of steam. The Ukrainian leadership possibly knew this and that is maybe why they waited until the end of summer before launching this offensive: A big push limited in time before Autumn’s rain and mud freeze the frontline in place. The narrative from Kiev is already slowly changing. The offensive is now an operation destined to “grind” Russian troops and inflict “attrition” on them while degrading their capabilities. The fact that it is the side with the smallest reserve in manpower that is trying to play the attrition game is puzzling, to say the least.

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Războiul din Ucraina – faza pe numere

Ucraina nu are nici soldații nici armamentul necesar pentru a echilibra situația pe front; chiar dacă din punct de vedere al armamentului situația s-a ameliorat din unele puncte de vedere, Ucraina nu are rezervele umane necesare pentru a intreprinde vreo ofensivă de oareșice proporții pe frontul de sud (Kherson) și nici măcar de a opri ofensiva rusă pe frontul de est (Donetsk, posibil Harkov)

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Război în Ucraina. Update 13 August 2022

ussian forces have taken full control of Pisky, a village on the outskirts in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, Interfax cited the Russian defence ministry as saying on Saturday. Ukraine’s military command said later that “fierce fighting” continued in the village.
The two primary road bridges giving access to the pocket of Russian-occupied territory on the west bank of the Dnipro in Ukraine’s Kherson region are now probably out of use for the purposes of substantial Russian military resupply, British military intelligence said on Saturday, which the UK’s defence ministry has described as a key vulnerability.

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